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22 de junho de 2011

Caminho das Índias - Indiano


  1. Beedi - Sukhwinder Singh / Sunidhi Chauhan 
  2. Kajra Re - Alisha Chinoy 
  3. Nagada Nagada - Sonu Nigam / Javed Ali 
  4. Sajna Ve Sajna - Sunidhi Chauhan 
  5. Main Vari Vari - Kavita Krishnamurti 
  6. Mast Kalandar - Sunidhi Chauhan 
  7. Chori Chori Gori se - Abhijeet / Udit Narayan 
  8. Salaam-E-Ishq - Sonu Nigam / Shreya Ghoshal... 
  9. Salaam - Alka Yagnik 
  10. Azeem o Shaan Shahensh / Mohamed Aslam... 
  11. Bangra Jaya - Alexandre de Faria 

18 de junho de 2011



Baader-Meinhof Blues


Mais Do Mesmo

Pais E Filhos

Hoje A Noite Não Tem Luar


O Teatro Dos Vampiros

On The Way Home_Rise

Head On

The Last Time I Saw Richard

Metal Contra As Nuvens

Há Tempos

Eu Sei

Faroeste Caboclo

Clique aqui e baixe o CD

Roxette - The RoxBox 1986 - 2006

Artista: Roxette
Álbum: The RoxBox 86-06 (4 CD)
Gênero: Rock / Pop
N° de Faixas: 78
Qualidade: MP3 | 176-320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Duração: 05: 08: 36 min
Tamanho: ~400 Mb

CD 1
01. Neverending love
02. Secrets that she keeps
03. Goodbye to you
04. Soul deep
05. The look
06. Dressed for success
07. Sleeping single
08. Paint
09. Dangerous
10. Listen to your heart
11. The voice
12. Cry
13. It must have been love
14. Joyride
15. Fading like a fower (everytime you leave)
16. Spending my time
17. Watecolours in the rain
18. Church of your heart
19. Perfect day
 CD 2
01. The big l.
02. (Do you get) Excited?
03. Things will never be the same
04. The sweet hello, the sad goodbye
05. Love spins
06. Seduce me
07. How do you do!
08. The heart shaped sea
09. The rain
10. Never is a long time
11. Silver blue
12. Come back
13. Queen of rain
14. Almost unreal
15. Sleeping in my car
16. Crash! Boom! Bang!
17. Vulnerable
18. The first girl on the moon
19. I’m sorry
CD 3
01. Run to you
02. See me
03. June afternoon
04. You don’t understand me
05. She doesn’t live here anymore
06. I don’t want to get hurt
07. Always breaking my heart
08. Help!
09. Wish I could fly
10. You can’t put your arms around what’s already gone
11. Waiting for the rain
12. Anyone
13. Stars
14. Salvation
15. Cooper
16. Beautiful things
17. It hurts
18. Little Miss Sorrow
19. Happy togehter
20. Staring a the ground
CD 4
01. 7twenty7
02. It will take a long long time
03. Anyone / I love how you love me
04. Myth
05. New world
06. Better off on her own
07. Real sugar
08. The centre of the heart
09. Milk and toast and honey
10. Jefferson
11. Little girl
12. The weight of the world
13. Every day
14. Bla bla bla bla bla
15. A thing about you
16. Breathe
17. Opportunity nox
18. All I ever wanted
19. One wish
20. Reveal

8 de junho de 2011

Roxette - Collection

01.Listen To Your Heart
 02.It Must Have Been Love
 03.Spending My Time
 04.The Look
 05.Dressed For Succes
 08.How Do You Do!
 09.Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
 10.Wish I Could Fly
 11.Chash! Boom! Bang!
 12.A Thing About You
 13.Milk And Toast And Honey
 14.Queen Of Rain

Enya - The Very Best of Enya (2009)

Enya - The Best of Enya (2009)
"Orinoco Flow" (from the album Watermark)
"Aníron (I Desire)" (previously unreleased version)
"Storms in Africa" (from the album Watermark)
"Caribbean Blue" (from the album Shepherd Moons)
"Book of Days" (from the album Shepherd Moons)
"The Celts" (from the album The Celts)
"Only Time" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
"Wild Child" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
"Water Shows the Hidden Heart" (from the album Amarantine)
"Anywhere Is" (from the album The Memory of Trees)
"Cursum Perficio" (from the album Watermark)
"Amarantine" (from the album Amarantine)
"Aldebaran" (from the album The Celts)
"Trains and Winter Rains" (from the album And Winter Came...)
"Watermark" (from the album Watermark)
"Boadicea" (from the album The Celts)
"A Day Without Rain" (from the album A Day Without Rain)
"May It Be" (from the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

1 de junho de 2011

O Senhor Dos Anéis: O Retorno do Rei - Trilha Sonora

O Senhor Dos Anéis: O Retorno do Rei - Trilha Sonora
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Soundtrack (2003)
Todas compostas, orquestradas e regidas pelo vencedor da academia: Howard Shore
1. A Storm Is Coming 
2. Hope And Memory 
3. Minas Tirith (featuring Ben del Maestro) 
4. The White Tree 
5. The Steward Of Gondor (featuring Billy Boyd) 
6. Minas Morgul 
7. The Ride Of The Rohirrim 
8. Twilight And Shadow (featuring Renée Fleming) 
9. Cirith Ungol 
10. Andúril 
11. Shelob's Lair 
12. Ash And Smoke 
13. The Fields Of The Pelennor 
14. Hope Fails 
15. The Black Gate Opens (featuring Sir James Galway) 
16. The End Of All Things (featuring Renée Fleming) 
17. The Return Of The King (featuring Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen, and Renée Fleming) 
18. The Grey Havens (featuring Sir James Galway) 
19. Into The West (performed by Annie Lennox) 


Minha foto
Poá, São Paulo, Brazil
Um sujeito muito curioso que está sempre pesquisando por uma dica pra quase tudo...quem sabe um dia ainda vão ser úteis?